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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Alex Koolaev, a writer, blogger and so much more.

I’ve been writing fiction since the age of 9, won a couple contests and prizes and had one of my stories published in a literary miscellany. Currently, I’m working on my biggest project ever, a fantasy series ‘How to Save a Princess.’

I’ve been using Scrivener for several years and now I can’t imagine writing anything (be it a blog post or a large fiction series) in something else. Scrivener is an ultimate writer’s tool.

That’s why here on Playing Writer I share my Scrivener tips and tutorials, as well as writing advice I figured out from my own experience or accumulated through many books, courses and blog articles I’ve read through the years of learning.

I hope you’ll like it here. Read more about me and my blog Playing Writer or drop me a line.

Download free PDF cheatsheet

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