Looking Back at 2016: Lessons I Learned about Being a Writer This Year (to Make 2017 the Best Year Ever)

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Looking back at 2016 lessons learned

It’s this time of the year again when we’re summarizing our failures and successes throughout the previous 12 months and trying to learn from our mistakes and setting new goals for the year ahead. While we’re looking forward to what future has in store for us, it’s always beneficial to look back and see what we’ve already accomplished. This is … Read More

The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Scrivener for iOS (Bonus PDF)

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Scrivener for iOS keyboard shortcuts list

Though it’s just been released a couple months back, Scrivener for iOS can boast of a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for just about any command and situation you might expect. At the first glance, this Scrivener feature may seem not important. I mean, what you really need is syncing, rich text editing, Corkboard, compiling, right? Those are the features in … Read More

New Venture: Good Library of Scrivener Tutorials for Everyone

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Real good library of Scrivener tutorials

In this post, I want to ask you fellow writers for your opinion about my newest idea of overhauling PlayingWriter.com and creating a whole section dedicated to Scrivener tutorials. You see, there’s no one-stop site for Scrivener users where they could learn our favorite (and really indispensable app) the way I would like to learn it myself: completely free, with a … Read More

How to Skip Description and Move Your Story Along: 2 Simple But Natural Ways

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2 simple ways to skip description in the story

Today’s post is not for lazy writers but for smart ones. We won’t be skipping descriptions in our scenes because we’re tired or have some better things to do on our mind than writing (like binge-watching Stranger Things). No, we’re here for real until we writers became authors (there’s a great blog with lots of helpful content exactly for that, by the way). … Read More

Become a Hero Storyteller: 7 (Stranger) Writing Lessons from a Hit Show 'Stranger Things'

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7 Stranger writing lessons from Stranger Things (Netflix)

Everybody is raving about the latest Netflix offering called Stranger Things, and rightfully so. The show tells us a story about one very ordinary small town set back in nostalgic 80s. But, when a boy gets lost, many darker secrets rise to the surface, and this small town become torn by shocking events. This isn’t a Stranger Things review, though. … Read More

What Is a Cliffhanger and Why Should You Write Them?

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What Is a Cliffhanger and Why You Should Write Them

In today’s world of short attention span and so many distractions, it’s crucial for a writer to know how to grasp the reader’s attention from page one. But when you learn how to make your reader turn the first page, the danger is still there. If they’re not interested, they will abandon your book. So you need more tricks up … Read More