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Here are some details on anything I have on my fiction shelf now (work in progress):

How to Save a Princess

Since 2011, I’ve been working on my biggest book called “How to Save a Princess.” It’s a fantasy story with fairy tale motives, lots of humor, travels (including between different worlds), adventures on the road and, of course, romance. What a book about a princess without a romance, right? I think so, too. And, just to add up to your curiosity, did I tell you the book is written from a princess’ cat’s point of view who happens to be kind of a wizard and is able to tread the path to other worlds?

I’ve written about 70 percent of the manuscript of “How to Save a Princess.” The book will be released in 6 episodes, the draft of the first one being almost finished. I hope to finish it in Russian until December 31 and then self-publish it and find ways to translate in English.

Groozyland: A Twisted Road to Happiness

I usually write in Russian since it’s my native language. But as a part of NaNoWriMo challenge, I tried to write the 50,000 word novel in English. It’s called “Groozyland: A Twisted Road to Happiness.”

I didn’t complete it yet but managed to write more than 15,000 words of it in November. More on that in this post. Since then, I put the book on hold until I have more ideas for it and got back to working on my “How to Save a Princess” book.

Since the book isn’t nearly completed yet, even in my mind, it’s pretty hard to design some description or blurb for it. But in a few words, it’s a book about happiness and redemption. It has numerous allusions to popular sci-fi/fantasy/thriller movies and books like Alice in Wonderland, Matrix, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Predator, Alien, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Call of Cthulhu, The Maze Runner, Stephen King’s It and others.

It has some humor and it has a little bit of parody, but the book is really serious and meant for older young adults, I suppose. People who struggle with their everyday life full of mundane problems that choke the creativity and freedom out of them.

Anyway, we have a cast of characters who come to one parallel world slightly resembling the land of Oz mixed with Panem from Hunger Games with towns like Merry Derry, Twin Pines, Silent Lamb Hills, Cocoon City.

Our heroes all struggle to accomplish their personal goals but they are united before the face of an ancient aliens’ invasion who turn vegetables into walking monsters drinking people alive. All they want is to survive traveling up to the yellow brick road with a little hope that they would be safe in the Mirror City. For Christian Green, better known as Mighty Wizard, surely could protect the city and figure out how to stop the aliens’ invasion, right?

Want to read unedited chapters, all the text I have for now? Go here.