Why I Changed My Domain Name

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Two pathways in the forest

Once upon a time, on a pleasant day in February you are heading to your favorite site of your favorite author using your favorite device – and find it being unavailable. Your first thought: NSA finally got him! Your second thought: gotta go to Google. So what will you do? Attack NSA (strength 100, endurance 100). Roll the dice, then … Read More

How I Discovered Gamebooks for the First Time

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Fighting Fantasy gamebooks covers

Recently I stumbled upon (as usual) very interesting Kickstarter campaign: guys are raising funds for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain remake, a classic gamebook from 1982. Frankly, it looks like a small revolution. Developers from Tin Man Games mixed together gamebook storytelling, video game graphics and miniatures and feel of a board game. What will come out of it? Well, we’ll see … Read More