Become a Hero Storyteller: 7 (Stranger) Writing Lessons from a Hit Show 'Stranger Things'

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7 Stranger writing lessons from Stranger Things (Netflix)

Everybody is raving about the latest Netflix offering called Stranger Things, and rightfully so. The show tells us a story about one very ordinary small town set back in nostalgic 80s. But, when a boy gets lost, many darker secrets rise to the surface, and this small town become torn by shocking events. This isn’t a Stranger Things review, though. … Read More

The Jungle Book Review: 6 Gaping Cracks under the Perfect Picture, or How You Don’t Want to Write Your Story

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The Jungle Book review

So you already saw the film and you know it’s very popular and praised by critics and viewers alike. Looking at the headline of this post, you probably think I’m crazy. “Whaaat? Did you find issues with this beautiful film? You’re just crazy and jealous. Go back to the jungle where you belong!” Right. But I’ll say it again: this … Read More

What I Think About "Twilight"

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Twilight field

I was curious what all the hype surrounding this series is about. I also thought that since the series is so huge success, I can definitely find there something to learn and better my writing. Boy, how I was wrong. The books First, I have to confess I read the first book only till this scene: Bella is in the car … Read More