The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Scrivener for iOS (Bonus PDF)

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Scrivener for iOS keyboard shortcuts list

Though it’s just been released a couple months back, Scrivener for iOS can boast of a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for just about any command and situation you might expect. At the first glance, this Scrivener feature may seem not important. I mean, what you really need is syncing, rich text editing, Corkboard, compiling, right? Those are the features in … Read More

New Venture: Good Library of Scrivener Tutorials for Everyone

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Real good library of Scrivener tutorials

In this post, I want to ask you fellow writers for your opinion about my newest idea of overhauling and creating a whole section dedicated to Scrivener tutorials. You see, there’s no one-stop site for Scrivener users where they could learn our favorite (and really indispensable app) the way I would like to learn it myself: completely free, with a … Read More

Hooray! Scrivener for iOS is Going Beta and We Have a Screenshot!

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Scrivener for iOS in beta

UPDATE: Here’s Scrivener for iOS release date and upcoming features. I share all details I know, including some shiny new screenshots and a video showcasing Scrivener for iOS on an iPad!  Great news for every writer who uses something other than pen and paper and their vintage but still efficient typewriter. Scrivener for iOS is finally coming this year! Literature and Latte has officially … Read More