How to Skip Description and Move Your Story Along: 2 Simple But Natural Ways

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2 simple ways to skip description in the story

Today’s post is not for lazy writers but for smart ones. We won’t be skipping descriptions in our scenes because we’re tired or have some better things to do on our mind than writing (like binge-watching Stranger Things). No, we’re here for real until we writers became authors (there’s a great blog with lots of helpful content exactly for that, by the way). … Read More

What Is a Cliffhanger and Why Should You Write Them?

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What Is a Cliffhanger and Why You Should Write Them

In today’s world of short attention span and so many distractions, it’s crucial for a writer to know how to grasp the reader’s attention from page one. But when you learn how to make your reader turn the first page, the danger is still there. If they’re not interested, they will abandon your book. So you need more tricks up … Read More